Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation is a process of rehabilitating people who have encountered life changing injury due to any accident or trauma in their life.  The rehabilitation centers are available all over United Kingdom to help the patient reach their goal of rehabilitation. A research conducted independently shows that about 91% of the people complete their program completely and out of which 56% are back to work or ready to work while 35% of them actively seek for jobs. The vocational rehabilitation service has some key principles to be followed:

  • There is a need for the people to intervene early so that people can be saved from losing their work or can get back to work easily and early
  • The vocational rehabilitation centers should provide case management service of good quality for those who need help in the professional front.
  • These centers should understand the importance of social-bio and psycho approach of understanding people’s need to get back to work.

The main job to identify people who need vocational rehabilitation is that of the employer. This is very important to correct sickness and act on it proactively by providing flexible working hours which will be cost effective as well as effective. The various techniques to be used in the vocational rehabilitation include:

  • Appraisal, assessment, evaluation of program and research
  • Setting of goal to rehabilitate vocationally
  • To provide advice on health and promotion so as to support the people to return to work.
  • Giving career counseling, providing placement services, providing job analysis and job development.
  • One of the most important techniques is evaluation of functional and work capacity.

There are various groups of people who provide for vocational rehabilitations and include:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Disability management advisors
  • Case managers
  • Job centers along with personal advisors and
  • Employment support workers.

A skilled workforce is required to provide a well-structured and useful vocational rehabilitation provisions. The help of employers, occupational health professionals and human resource management is providing better and useful vocational rehabilitation services. Employers should take special care in providing an environment which is good for the mental as well as physical health of the employees. Most of the mental health problems are work related and hence it prevention at the work place itself will help a great deal in vocational rehabilitation process. Vocational rehabilitation is very necessary in today’s stressful life.