Private Medical Insurance

United Kingdom is one of the very few places in the world where there is facility of Universal health services for free. So, it is definitely a big question as to why a person will like to have private medical insurance. However, a survey conducted by Max Bupa says that the main reason as to why people go for PMI is to avoid long and hectic waiting list and also to ward away superbugs like MRSA and to make sure the hospital they get the treatment in is clean. PMI helps the insured in avoiding the long waiting list of NHS and the consultation or any other short term treatments is done on fast track. You have the facility of getting treated in any NHS hospital or private hospital with this coverage.

The Private medical insurance covers general treatments including consultations, surgery, hospital care and nursing facility but does not cover any kind of addiction or incurable diseases. There are a few policies like comprehensive policy that gives you some additional services like coverage for personal accident or complementary medicines. There are two kinds of terms and conditions called moratorium and fully underwritten.

  • In case of moratorium there is just an exclusion of coverage for pre-existing condition that too which has been there for a set years.
  • In fully underwritten plan you need to disclose the whole medical history so that they can decide on what will be covered and what won’t be covered.

Certain things that must be kept in mind while taking a private medical insurance are:

  • That PMI does not cover all the diseases or the services that is provided by NHS. For example PMI does not cover accidents or any emergency treatments.
  • If suffering with any serious illness, NHS will give you faster and better treatment then through PMI.
  • It is not that the treatment provided through PMI will be without any constraints and you can get the treatment anywhere you like. Read the documents carefully before taking any plan.
  • Through PMI it is not necessary that you will get treated at a private hospital. There are all the chances of you ending up in a NHS hospital ward rather than in a private room.

Taking up PMI is not essential and can be the last thing in your priority list. However, taking up PMI does give you the peace of mind and is a good investment if you have surplus money.