When you plan to take up a private medical insurance, many questions would pop in your mind before you take up a plan. These question need to be answered so that you can make the right decision. Many of the insurance website has put a FAQ page which answers all of the most commonly asked questions by the customers. If still some of your questions are left unanswered then you can always ask the insurance agent to clear all the doubts. Some of the frequently asked questions regarding private medical insurance are:

  • What is PMI or Private Medical Insurance?
    Private medical insurance allows you to get immediate and treatment in private hospital. It helps you avoid the long waiting list of NHS. The policy is designed such that it covers the treatment of any acute condition after the policy starts. Acute illness is defined as a disease condition which can be treated and the patient can return back to his normal health condition after the treatment.
  • Through PMI can the insured use hospital that he wants and the time he wants?
    The private medical insurance allows you to get treatment in private hospitals. However, there is no surety that you will land up in a private room of a hospital; you may be admitted in the ward of NHS hospital. Well! Most of the companies have a list of hospitals and clinics where you can get prompt treatment and at the time convenient to you.
  • What is excluded from the policy?
    Most of the policy provides its customers the facility to treat acute conditions once the policy term starts. The policies from different companies have their own exclusions and once you going through the documents provided by them will come to know about it. If the company asks for medical reports of the person getting insured then it may add limitations to the benefits provided by them.
  • Is PMI offered to persons with pre-existing conditions?
    Yes! Most of the companies do offer insurance to people with pre-existing conditions but do put some limitations. Some of the policies do exclude all the pre-existing conditions to be covered for the first two years of the insurance.          If the patient passes the two year period without occurrence of pre-existing condition even once then the whole policy is reset and the any occurrence of the pre-existing condition after two year period is considered as a new claim.