UK is one of the very few places which provide medical service is provided for free and hence the need for medical insurance is not required. However, in UK people take up private medical insurance to avoid the long queue of people waiting to get the service done. PMI helps the insured to get the medical service provided promptly and in a private hospital as well. However, one should go through the document and the term and conditions laid by the company very carefully as not all the medical services are covered by PMI like, emergency service or any incurable diseases. When you plan to take up a PMI lot of questions may arise in your mind which needs to get answered. Most of the companies have FAQ page which will answer most of your queries and the one which are left answered can be got from the agent of the insurance companies. A few of the frequently asked questions and their answers are mentioned below:

  • What is PMI or Private Medical Insurance?
    PMI or private medical insurance is a health insurance policy which allows you to get prompt medical treatment for acute conditions without waiting in the long queue of NHS health services. However, PMI does not replace all the medical services covered by NHS and hence one should be very careful and read all the documents carefully before taking up the plan.
  • What is meant by acute condition?
    Acute medical condition is a condition which occurs suddenly and can also be treated completely and that too quickly. For example if you broke your leg. You can easily go to a private hospital and get admitted in a private room and get all the treatment until you are back on your feet or job.
  • What is meant by chronic medical condition?
    A chronic medical condition is one in which the patient is affected by the disease for long duration of time and there is sheer chances of the symptoms recurring. Unlike acute condition it cannot be treated quickly.
  • Acute condition – can it be considered under pre-existing conditions?
    Many insurers do not cover for the acute condition that arises due to a pre-existing condition. An example for the same is that if an acute condition arises if the insured has diabetes, it will not be covered by the insurer. You can get Private Medical Insurance if you are disables but any illness that arises due to disability will not be covered by the insurer. However, the insurer will have to show that the restriction imposed by them for not covering any illness due to disability is not unreasonable and unfair.
  • What all illnesses are considered pre-existing?
    Any illness that you are having before taking up the PMI policy will be considered a pre-existing illness or condition. The most common pre-existing conditions are cancer, heart diseases and diabetes are the most common pre-existing conditions but some policies also cover serious asthma, hay fever and high cholesterol as pre-existing condition.
  • Is private medical insurance provided to people with pre-existing condition?
    Yes! PMI is offered to people with pre-existing conditions but not without limitations. Some companies do not cover any pre-existing conditions while some may cover it with some limitations. A few companies may allow coverage for pre-existing condition if the symptoms of the disease do not occur for a set period of time, say for 2 years and after that the claim for the disease may be covered as a new claim. However, most of the policies never cover cancer if it is pre-existing and hence it is advised that you ask your broker to get the right policy for you.
  • Under PMI will I be covered for drugs and prescriptions related to pre-existing condition?
    No, generally the insurer does not cover for drugs and prescriptions arising as a result of pre-existing condition. There is an option of you going for health cash plan which is not insurance but is a help towards the expenses incurred due to treatments and prescriptions.
  •  Other than pre-existing conditions, will I be covered completely?
    Any acute condition that may arise as a result of pre-existing conditions will not be covered by most of the companies. However, any other disease condition which is not related to pre-existing condition will be completely covered as it would cover for any normal insured person.
  • Will the premium for PMI be more if I have a pre-existing condition?
    No, generally the premium would be the same as it would have been without pre-existing condition. However, the benefits of the insurance will be with some limitations. One should keep in mind that the premium for PMI will increase with time and is not only for people with pre-existing condition, but because of the new technologies, inventions and discoveries in medical field.