Advantages of Private Medical Insurance

In UK the universal medical services are free and NHS provides the service for free. However, the patients have to wait in a long queue to get the treatment done. New advances in the medical science and new technologies are no doubt prolonging the life but it is becoming dearer is also a fact. The growing population and also people living longer are putting extra pressure on NHS.  People are now opting for private medical insurance. Private medical insurance in UK is not a necessity; however, listed below are a few advantages of having a PMI:

  • No waiting in the queue – The waiting time between referral and treatment have now decreased to 18 weeks at NHS. However, with PMI you will not have to wait and can get immediate treatment for an acute medical condition.
  • With PMI you can have peace of mind that in the worst situation when you need immediate attention you do not have to wait and can get admitted to any private hospital as referred by your physician. Many people in UK take up PMI as a result of the issues of MRSA in NHS hospitals.
  • Freedom of making a choice- At NHS you does not have a choice of selecting your facility or the consultant. However, with PMI you have the freedom of choosing your own hospital and consultant to get the treatment for your ailment. However, some policies do have restricted lists of facilities where you can get the treatment.
  • Get Private Room Facility – In NHS you may end up in a mixed-gender ward. However, based on your plan you can avail a private room with ensuite bathroom if you have a PMI.
  • With PMI you do not have restriction on the visiting hours in the hospital
  • Personal care will be provided to you and will not have medical students attending along with the consultants to read your medical condition.
  • There will be continuity in your treatment as you will be treated by the same consultant throughout your ailment or stay at the hospital.
  • Your insurer may provide you with a team of doctors that specializes in the treatment of a particular disease like an oncologist and his team for treatment of cancer to provide you the necessary advice.

There are some cons as well of having PMI and you should weigh benefits with disadvantages before taking up any PMI plans.