Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance in USA is a scheme started under the Social Security Act of 1935 and is organized by the federal-state system and is the system of providing basic income support for all those who are unemployed workers. Salary- paid individuals or wage earners who lose their job for reasons other than the misconduct are given a part of their salary for a specific period. Unemployment insurance is provided by the Department of Labor’s Unemployment Insurance programs to all those workers who were employed and lost their job due to some reason but not their fault. They must also meet certain other eligibility criteria.

The eligibility for availing the unemployment insurance benefits, the amount and the length is decided by the state law under which you have claimed for the benefits. Every state has their own laws but is governed by the federal law as well. To avail the facilities you must fulfill the eligibility criteria of the state like:

  • Every state has their own requirements for the wages earned and the length of time that you have been employed. You must meet these limits set by the government to avail the benefits. The established time period is also called as “base period”
  • The state determines that you have been unemployed with no fault of yours.
  • For filing the claim you should contact the State Unemployment Agency soon after becoming unemployed. A few states have the facility of filing the claim over phone and internet.
  • When filing the claim you may need to furnish certain information like address of your employment, the time for which you worked there, so that your claim is not delayed and you get the correct amount.
  • The claim should be filed with the state in which you are working. If you have worked in state different from where you live now or if you worked in multiple states, the UI agency of your state can help you in providing the information on filing the claim in such cases.
  • The benefits of the claim require 2 to 3 weeks after filing the claim to reach you.

You may need to file claim weekly or biweekly and also respond to question regarding your continued unemployment to avail the benefits. You may require furnishing information on any earning made during the week, any offers or their refusal and the reason. The claims can be filed through phone and internet.