Remortgage Club

Many companies who provide remortgaging solution to their clients also provide remortgage club to their clients. Most of these companies automatically enroll those who have taken mortgage from their company without any charge. Being a remortgage club member you get the benefit of getting reminders on when your ongoing mortgage deal is about to end and even prompts you on remortgaging your loan or at least review it. This is the best means of being aware on the various remortgage deals and makes your money move go further. Many of the mortgage clubs also offer you the facility of free remortgage advice when you plan to remortgage your property with the same lender.

Some of the leg works done by the remortgage club include:

  • They will prompt you when it is the right time to review your mortgage deal.
  • They will compare your mortgage deal with other products which are being offered
  • They will help you select the most suitable mortgage deal from several of them available with their host of lenders.
  • The mortgage expert will mostly contact you directly if you have any further questions.

Remortgage clubs help you find the right mortgage for you or your clients. The remortgage club membership is not always free and many sites charge some minimal fees to be a part of it. They also provide different packages which help you get better deal. Many of them have newsletters published on remortgaging and you can have access to it which widens your view on remortgaging. Remortgage clubs are good for agents as well who can help the clients get good deal on their property and in turn the websites offer them free membership and many other benefits.

The remortgage clubs helps you review your mortgage deals and helps you in deciding how the monthly repayments can be reduced. The club members can check with different lenders and their products and also compare them. The remortgage calculator is also provided by the club so that the clients can check the benefits of remortgaging against the cost involved. They also help the client in getting a better deal and reduce the monthly repayments. They can help you negotiate on lengthening the repayment period so that you can manage your debt better. It is a good option to join the remortgaging club of your mortgage company or some other lenders.